80s Orchestral

80’s Orchestral – The 3 Arena went back to the future!

Stepping into the 3Arena last Friday, was like taking a time machine back to the electrifying era of the 80’s. The atmosphere crackled with nostalgia and anticipation, and as the lights dimmed, the stage came alive with a spectacular fusion of orchestral grandeur, stunning stage effects and iconic pop hits.

The evening kicked off with a DeLorean whizzing itself bac to the 80’s and some legendary hits including “The Power of Love”, “Africa” and “Walking in Sunshine”.  The incomparable Carol Decker of T’Pau, whose powerhouse vocals sent shivers down our spines, belted out timeless anthems like “Heart and Soul” and “China in Your Hand.” Her stage presence was captivating, commanding the attention of every soul in the audience as she effortlessly navigated through hits that defined a generation. Backed by the orchestral arrangements, her performance soared to celestial heights, leaving us breathless and craving more.

Following suit was an explosion of energy as Hue & Cry took the stage, igniting the crowd with their infectious rhythm and soulful melodies. Their performance was nothing short of mesmerizing, transporting us back to the heyday of synth-pop with classics like “Labour of Love” and “Looking for Linda.” Their seamless integration with the 50-piece orchestra elevated their sound to new heights, filling the arena with an irresistible blend of old-school charm and contemporary flair leaving not one person in their seats!

And then came Nik Kershaw, a true icon of the 80s, whose distinctive voice and emotive lyrics captivated hearts around the world. From the moment he stepped onto the stage, he held us in the palm of his hand, leading us on a musical journey through hits like “Wouldn’t It Be Good” and “The Riddle.” His dynamic collaboration with the orchestra brought a fresh dimension to his music, infusing it with a richness and depth that left us spellbound.

But perhaps the most enchanting aspect of the evening was the seamless synergy between the 50-piece orchestra, the vocalists, and the choir. Their collective talent and precision transformed each performance into a transcendent experience, creating a sonic tapestry that was both powerful and sublime culminating in the anthem “Like a Prayer” by Madonna.

80’s Orchestra at the 3Arena on April 26th, 2024, was nothing short of spectacular. From the electrifying performances of Hue & Cry, Carol Decker, and Nik Kershaw to the seamless collaboration with the orchestra, vocals, and choir, every aspect of the event was executed flawlessly, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. It was a night to remember, a celebration of music that transcended time and transported us to a place where the spirit of the 80s burned brightly once again.

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