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Carol Decker

Carol Decker, renowned lead vocalist of T’Pau, made her mark on the music industry in 1987 with the explosive debut of the band’s hit single ‘Heart & Soul’, which soared to No. 4 on both the UK and US charts. Alongside songwriter Ronnie Rogers, Carol’s distinctive vocals and the innovative blend of rap and melody in ‘Heart & Soul’ introduced audiences to the unique sound of T’Pau.

Following the phenomenal success of ‘Heart & Soul’, T’Pau embarked on a meteoric rise, with their debut album “Bridge Of Spies” dominating the charts. The classic ballad ‘China In Your Hand’ became an instant sensation, holding the No. 1 spot on the UK charts for a record-breaking 5 weeks. The album itself claimed the top slot for 2 weeks, solidifying T’Pau’s status as 80s icons.

Amidst their chart-topping success, T’Pau garnered multiple accolades, including 5 Brit Award nominations and an Ivor Novello Award for ‘China In Your Hand’. The band’s original lineup disbanded in 1991, but Carol continued to lead T’Pau into new ventures, embarking on successful tours and releasing albums like “Red” in 1998.

Carol’s career extended beyond music, with notable appearances in stage productions like ‘Mum’s the Word’ and TV dramas such as ‘Doctors’. In 2013, T’Pau reunited for the #Tpau25live anniversary tour, captivating audiences once again with their electrifying performances.

In recent years, Carol and Ronnie returned to the studio to produce acclaimed albums like “Pleasure And Pain” and embarked on sell-out acoustic tours. T’Pau remains a festival and arena favorite, thrilling audiences with their timeless hits and dynamic stage presence.

From chart-topping success to captivating live performances, Carol Decker and T’Pau continue to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, proving that their legacy is as enduring as their iconic hits.



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